FastFavs Delivery LLC Payment


Delivery Fee: $6.00 (add driver tip in with delivery fee)

FastFavs Delivery LLC., Delivers up to a 15 mile Radius from the Pickup Location

Anything over 15 miles (Limit 20 mile Radius ONLY) is an additional $5

***Example: $6 (standard delivery fee) + $5 (additional miles over 15 but not exceeding 20) = Total Delivery Fee***

(Max Miles will be ONLY 20 miles from Pickup Location, which means the standard 15 miles with ONLY an additional 5 miles equaling 20 Miles.)

**Reminder: Drivers are out risking the sake of their health to provide excellent Delivery Service. Please add Driver Tip in with the Delivery fee.

Accepts Online through PayPal & Accepts All Major Cards


Hours of Operations for Pickup & Delivery by FastFavs Delivery LLC.: 

7 Days a Week

Sun - Thurs 8am to 10pm

Fri & Sat 8am to 12am

Delivery Fee: $6.00

(FastFavs Delivery LLC., Delivers up to a 15 mile Radius from the Tulsa Metro Area)

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