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Tulsa Local Fav Cravs

Delivers Tulsa & Surrounding Areas (15 mile radius from Restaurant)


Muskogee Local Fav Cravs


Hours of Operation for Pickup & Delivery by FastFavs Delivery LLC.;

7 Days a Week

Sun - Thurs 8am to 10pm

Fri & Sat 8am to 12am

FastFavs Delivery LLC., Delivers up to a 15 mile Radius from the Pickup Location

**Reminder: Drivers are out risking the sake of their health to provide excellent Delivery Service.


About Us

Always Save with FastFavs

FastFavs Delivery LLC., is a local business, based in Tulsa, to serve the State of Oklahoma that provides efficient Pickup & Delivery from any of your Fav Restaurant(s) that provides Online Ordering. FastFavs Delivery is not affiliated with any other Third-Party Services or Restaurants.

Be on the look out for FastFavs coming to your town!!

Our services are designed to keep cost down for the customer. We personally know what it feels like to order a low cost meal and it become an outrageous total after all the hidden fees and menu item markups. With FastFavs Delivery LLC., which provides you a low flat rate to Pickup & Deliver your food straight to YOU!! 

Get What You Crav Delivered by FastFavs Today!!

We look forward to providing a less costly Delivery Service!


We would like to proudly offer a non-commission services to any Restaurants that would be interested. That's right non-commission, no service charge, completely free to the Restaurant! Take BACK your Restaurant from other Commission Third-Party Ordering & Delivery Services. Also, Restaurants can interview & hire their own potential Contract Drivers for their specific restaurant(s) to drive off of the FastFavs Delivery LLC Platform or FastFavs Delivery LLC can create a job listing specifically for your restaurant for Contract Drivers.  All Driver are Contract Drivers through a 1099 Tax Form. FastFavs Delivery LLC does do a full background check on Contract Drivers. Contract Drivers will receive a portion of the Delivery Fee Plus 100% of your Tips. 


Due to the Pandemic FastFavs Delivery LLC., also provides contactless Delivery, for the protection and safety of our customers and to our drivers. Driver is required to have a mask on when Picking up the Order from the Establishment(s) and when Delivering the Order to the Customer. 

With that in mind, FastFavs Delivery LLC., knows the extreme impact that the Pandemic has taken on individuals and their lives. We personally know the experience of the job loss and the impact the Pandemic has caused on individuals across the nation. We would like to help those still impacted, or needing some extra cash, with providing Jobs as drivers, dispatchers and more in the near future!

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Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy!! Remember to Social Distance, Wear a Mask and Wash your Hands. 

Hours of Operations for Pickup & Delivery by FastFavs Delivery LLC.: 



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